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5th April 2013

12:48am: New pictures- PaleyFest 2013

Pictures of the casts of Once Upon a Time, Revolution & The New Normal

30th April 2010

9:57pm: Put up more pics at the Flickr account

Since the last time I posted, I've got pictures from:

Dragon Con
Castle Book Signing
Los Angeles Firefly Convention
San Francisco Star Trek Convention
PaleyFest Panels for Glee, Men of a Certain Age & Modern Family
Paley Panels for Castle & Psych
Los Angeles Supernatural Convention
Anaheim Wizard World Convention

23rd August 2009

10:22am: Finally put up all of my Comic Con pics for the year
I really need to learn to either take less pictures or stop being so picky about what goes up there...


17th August 2005

11:48pm: Long time, no write, I guess. Been pretty busy. I hope to be writing in this more often, but knowing me, I doubt that will happen. We'll see.

15th September 2004

12:39am: Hello
Sorry for nothing interesting here yet. Been a little busy and haven't had time to post. I hope to be writing something soon.
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